Bad Air Encounters

Fiberglass Awareness

A large brick church

This is a list of places where I have personally sensed airborne fiberglass. They are listed in a general way.

  • Several churches
  • A Jewish synagogue
  • A flea market in an old brick building
  • Large chain pet store (fiberglass lined ducts)
  • Large furniture store chain (fiberglass lined ducts and ripped flex ducts)
  • An art center that teaches dance and other types of art
  • An old tavern restaurant
  • Grosery Store
  • A newly renovated modern movie theater (because no one thinks to update the fiberglass lined ductwork)
  • An old one screen movie theater
  • A pizza shop in a shopping center
  • Many Restaurants
  • A high school
  • Parts of a univercity
  • The gymnasium at a medical school
  • A bank
  • Many US post offices
  • Parts of a large hospital
  • Beach houses (several)
  • A hardware store located in an old building
  • The lobby of an expo center
  • Parts of some university campuses
  • A lot of Industrial buildings
  • A crossfit gym
  • Some residential houses
  • Car (until mouse nest was removed)
  • Some brand new cars
  • An ice cream shop in a small quaint town
  • A hair salon in a shopping center built in the 1970s
  • Large historic building from the 1800’s that most likely had fiberglass lined ducts installed when a HACV system was added
  • Popular Steak House in new building with insulation lined ducts
  • A township building
Fiberglass insulation sticking to the bottom and side of a garage door

Do you have asthma? Do you know someone who does? Do you ever wonder what caused it?

Fiberglass insulation sticking to the bottom and side of a garage door

A pile of fiberglass laying on the ground. It's everywhere.

Red movie theater seats with popcorn spilled on the front seat and fiberglass lined ducts above with small pieces of glass floating around getting blown down on the seats.

The last time I went to see a movie the air in the theater was so bad I felt sick for three days after. I should have left the minute I walked in, however the movie was Star Wars and my husband was way too excited to just leave. The theater had been renovated a couple of years prior, however people rarely think to replace the air system. The ductwork was fiberglass lined and it was blowing into the air.

Sharon Maguire - Updated 6-2-2017

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