Steps I've taken to benzene VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

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A little glass jar of deodorant on a gray countertop with the black lid and styrafoam sealer next to it

I bought an all natural deodorant in a jar which is great. The lid had a foamy type sealer that I removed. The VOCs the foam and adhesive emit are heavier than air. The vapor drops down into the jar. I took off the foam and there was adhesive left. Now to see if I can get what is remaining off the top of the lid. My fingertips went numb trying to scrape it off. I need to find random size, chemical-free steel lids and hope one fits in situations like this one. Luckily the harder the plastic the less of a reaction I get from it so this lid will remain until I can find a replacement.

A tan hemp shower curtain being held up by plastic clips against a gray tile wall

I changed my shower curtain hooks from plastic...

A tan hemp shower curtain being held up by metal clips against a gray tile wall metal.

A man with dark hair kneeling down and pulling off a plastic shrink wrap from a wooden hanger

I assumed my hangers were all wooden. However, when I touched the bottom rod I got a shockwave type tingle feeling up my arm from my hand to my elbow. When I looked at them closer I noticed they had a clear plastic shrink wrap on them.

Two wooden hangers on a white mat on a hardwood floor with the plastic shrink wrap that was removed laying below them

Luckily the shrink wrap came off easily by cutting a slit in it and pulling, leaving no sticky residue.

A line of colorful, rainbow knives lined up in a row starting at a small orange pealer down to a large blue knife.

The nerves in my hands sent tingling waves down to my elbows when I held any of these knives or the pealer. If I held onto it long enough nerve pain would begin. Makes me appreciate my wooden handle knife set.

A white mattress and box-spring on a metal bed frame sitting in a room with wooden walls.

It was hard just standing in the same room as this bed mattress. My body tingled and my hand started to swell up when I touched it. My nostrils were sore down to my throat and my eyes burned. My stomach felt nauseous. All kinds of chemicals and synthetic materials went into making this mattress.

A clear plastic bin full of shoes

Packing up these shoes was rough. The synthetic rubber VOCs emitting from them got me good. Not only did it give me a face and chest burn, but my fingers hurt, were numb and achy with nerve pain. I now only buy shoes with natural rubber soles, natural dyes and glues. My feet used to hurt every day with sharp nerve pain across the bottoms. When I was younger I would go to the foot doctor a lot getting various heel lifts and inserts. Nothing seemed to help. I thought I had plantar fasciitis and there was not much I could do about it. All this time it was the chemicals in not only my socks, but the glues, dyes and synthetic rubber. Now that I have been buying chemical free clothing my feet no longer hurt. The difference is amazing. All this time I was allergic to the chemicals.

A wooden foot massager with roll pins

I love my wooden foot massager. You put it on the floor and roll the bottoms of your feet over it.

The backside of a wooden foot massager with roll pins

When I flipped it over however, my fingers started to hurt. I noticed it had foam adhesive tape lining the bottom to keep it from sliding. Luckly the tape pealed off nicely. Rubbing alcohol cleaned up what was left on the wood.

The back of a blue Jeep JK car with a wooden box and a dog liner covering it.

I replaced this microfiber dog car liner with chemical-free, 100% undyed, unbleached towels. Removing the liner made my hands hurt. It's not something I want my dogs laying on top of.

A wooden computer chair next to a black swivel chair in an office that has a gray floor.

I replaced my foamy cushioned black computer chair with a wooden chair. I used a natural latex foam cushion to sit on. My back and joints no longer hurt at the end of the work day.

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