More Fiberglass Uses

Fiberglass, which emits the VOC vapor styrene is used in carpets, cars, and inside homes. But did you know it is also used in.

Fiberglass Tape

A brown cardboard box with blue packing tape across the top with strands of white glass coming from under the ripped tape. There is a hand with red painted fingernails holding the end of the fiberglass strand.

Some types of tape contain fiberglass. Sometimes used as packing tape, when you open the box the strands often fray apart.

Cigarette Filters

Glass fibers are used in the filters of most commercial cigarettes. All of the little cuts down one's airways help the body absorb the nicotine.

HEPA Air Filters

A round white HEPA filter sitting on a gray floor with a bottle of allergy spray in the back corner.

It is hard to believe, but even some HEPA air filters contain glass fibers. People set up air purifiers to try and get fiberglass out of the air using a fiberglass filter. Makes perfect sense.

Fiberglass in Mattress Covers

Are you sleeping on fiberglass? A family was forced to leave their home over a fiberglass mattress cover.

Roof Shingles

A rectangle shaped sheet of white spun glass that is folded over to the side.

Some types of roof shingles contain fiberglass. The components of fiberglass shingles are glass fibers and formaldehyde resins that are combined using asphalt. The pictures show the glass fiber base after the other components were removed.

A rectangle shaped sheet of white spun glass that is left after the shingle burned away.


Some furnace filters are made with glass fibers in them. Sometimes called a spun glass filter.

A black light fixture with a black and a white wire coming from the back and a light bulb socket on the other side. The fixture is stuffed with yellow fiberglass. A person is holding the fixture in their hand.

Light Fixtures

Some light fixtures contain fiberglass on the inside. When fiberglass gets wet it creates very poor air quality. Outdoor light fixtures are at high risk of moisture.

Glass Epoxy Printed Circuit Boards

These are in every electronic device, and when they get hot, they begin to release glass fibers.

Ranges and Ovens

Particularly self-cleaning ovens. They are packed with fiberglass.


A sheet of yellow drywall laying outside on concrete

Often used on the outside of houses with a stucco over the top of it.


Toothpaste on a toothbrush being held by a lady with red fingernails

Microscopic glass fibers are also used in some brands of toothpaste as an abrasive. It cuts into the tooth allowing the fluoride to penetrate.

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