Work Hazards

Fiberglass Awareness

Looking up at fiberglass tacked onto a ceiling in-between wooden beems.

Exposed fiberglass on the ceiling of a machine shop causing some of the workers to get sick everytime they worked in this area. The fiberglass had to be removed as it was a work hazard to the employees.

A machine shop roof with a cut out showing how the roof itself is made of yellow fiberglass.

It is very common for industrial buildings with flat rooves to have water leaks. The flat rooves themselves are often a thick fiberglass binded together.

A machine shop with fiberglass stapled to the ceiling. Some of the fiberglass is hanging down. There are boxes on shelves below.

The water goes through the fiberglass roof and in this case leaks into the batts which are stapled to the ceiling. Unfortunately water damaged fiberglass creates some of the worst air quality and the workers in these types of buildings are exposed to air toxins everytime they go to work.

Shiny backing of fiberglass showing with a lot of exposed areas. Below are shelves full of parts.

While the fiberglass is tacked up with the shiny side down, the actual yellow fiberglass is still showing along the edges and where the batts are starting to fall down.

Looking up at fibrglass stapled between the beams on the ceiling of a shop with a door and an exit sign below.
The view into a machine shop with shelves and boxes and fiberglass tacked to the ceiling.
Wooden skids with a yellow batt of fiberglass laying on top of it.
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