Steps I've taken to benzene VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

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The following are things that give me a reaction when touched. I have an allergy to the VOC vapor benzene.

A German Shorthaired Pointer puppy smelling an adhesive tape that is being pulled off of a wooden step

I removed the adhesive tread stickers from my stairs. The rubber and the adhesive both contain benzene.

A pair of rubber muck boots sitting on a brown wooden floor

I bent down to pick up my shoes and my nose ended up right under my muck boots. I suddenly got nauseous. There were benzene VOC gasses coming from the synthetic rubber. Then Intense sharp pains in my palm. I will be relplacing my synthetic rubber muck boots with a natural rubber boot.

A pair of blue sneakers with white soles and blue and white laces

I thought that my Allbirds shoes were all natural because they advertise they were made from trees, but as I got sicker and sicker I figured out that the tag and the shoe laces contain rayon, which I am allergic to because of the chemicals benzene that they contain. Then I figured out that they are actually made of Lyocell. Lyocell is a form of rayon. So much for thinking I had a natural shoe to wear that didn't contain harmful VOCs.

A white dust mite cover pulled part way off of a mattress in a green room

I removed the protective, water proof mattress cover with the rubber type backing from my bed.

A brown foam mat on a gray floor with a dog bone laying on the mat

I got rid of the foam puzzle piece like flooring. The synthetic materials contain benzene.

A hand holding a clear plastic container with a red lid

I stopped using the thin plastic containers that they sell in the stores by the pack. Just holding this single use container caused my hands to swell with numbness and pain. The reaction was instant. It seems that the thinner and more flimsy the container the worse my reaction is to it.

Close up of a white mouse with a gray rubber scroll knob on a table

This little rubber scroll button on this computer mouse made my finger numb and caused nerve pain. I stopped using it.

A pile of yellow and blue sponges with a dog watching in the distance inside of a kitchen

I stopped using synthetic sponges to wish dishes. I will now use a cotton dish rag. These sponges caused the nerves in my hands to hurt and finger tips to go numb.

A gray pair of flip flops on a wooden floor

I had not realized the material my flip flops are made out of was contributing to the pain in my feet. They too contain benzene.

A case of water bottles in a closet next to a white vent

We were storing our water bottles in the same closet as our house air supply, right in front of the vent! It was not only raising the benzene VOCs in the house, but I believe that drinking the water from the bottles was a big source that put me over the edge with the over all amount of benzene in my body.

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