Fiberglass Awareness

"My health has been decimated by fiberglass insulation. Finally. I am not alone. Everything on your site is true. I wanted to put up a site of my own a few years back, but anyone I talked to about this issue told me it was in my head. Please get this message out. Fiberglass is ruining human health. Period. It is simply a profitable choice for business. It is, for the most part, completely unnecessary in our lives. Note - Don't forget about glass epoxy printed circuit boards. These are in every electronic device, and when they get hot, they begin to release glass fibers. Also ranges and ovens. Particularly self-cleaning ovens. They are packed with fiberglass. Thank God for you. If you send me an address, I will send you two doc files I put together. Many of the links have expired, but it has a lot of information that might help you."


" I suspect the symptoms I am having while at work are fiberglass-related, but so far the doctors are stumped and I am just feeling worse and worse."

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