The Secret to Success

Fiberglass Awareness

An empty shopping mall with an escalator and closed stores. There is a bright sky light letting in the sunlight.

Why do some restaurants and stores succeed and some fail? Location, location, location, is one common slogan. And of course the product, price and quality. But what else? The overall feeling and mood one gets when they go there from the smell and air.

The isle in an empty shopping mall with closed stores, and a shiny white tiled floor. There is a bath soap store with a red and white awning and bright lights but no people.

It is said when you want to sell your home one of the tricks of the trade is to make it smell nice. Some good old apple pie air fresheners or perhaps some flowers out in a vase that put off a pleasant aroma.

What happens when the opposite is true? You go to a store and something smells off and unpleasant. Without even realizing it you do not get that relaxing happy feeling when you go there.

The next time you say to yourself, what should we do today? The thought of that subconscious unpleasant place does not even enter your mind as a consideration.

A big empty shopping mall with closed stores and a staircase in the background. It looks like a ghost town.

Let's go a bit deeper to something that turns a person off to a place that is rarely considered, yet in the subconscious happens just the same. Air quality. A restaurant with good fresh clean oxygenated air gives people a good feeling, where as a restaurant with poor indoor air gives people the opposite feeling. Their feeling of pleasure is reduced without the person even knowing why. They just don't get that loving feeling and perhaps even feel a tad sick. They do not associate their feelings with what they are breathing in, but it subconsciously happens all the same. This is one reason why some locations fail repeatedly. The indoor air quality is poor and customers are turned off without even realizing it. This could be part of the reason online shopping is taking off at such a high rate. Shopping in person can be fun and entertaining. People like to be entertained. So why is shopping in person declining when our society is changing to where humans have more time and money to spend on entertainment? Perhaps because the fiberglass inside the buildings hidden behind the pretty walls is secretly lowering the overall air quality by emitting the VOC vapor styrene. Fiberglass is often decades old and way past its use life.

If you want to raise your chances of success think about the air quality in your establishment. Is there airborne fiberglass? The perfect breeding ground for mold and dust build-up? Is the air fresh? Give people the subconscious good feeling with clean fresh air.

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