Neighborhood Air Quality

Fiberglass Awareness

A dumpster full of wood and yellow fiberglass on the street in front of a house with an orange cone next to it

Ever since we figured out airborne fiberglass is what had been making our family sick, we have been removing it from our home and every part of our lives that we can. We live in the middle of 64 acres away from other houses.

Now when I walk into some neighborhoods I can really feel the bad air quality. Cold symptoms begin to set in including a scratchy throat, a dull ache in my ears, my eyes have a slight sting especially around my eye lids and my nose starts to run. Followed by a cough and a headache an hour later. Townhomes and houses that are close together seem to be the worst. When I go home, shower and put on a fresh set of clothes the symtoms begin to disappear.

New houses are loaded down with fiberglass for energy efficient reasons. There must be a chemical in the fiberglass that my body is reacting to and it is being vented out everyone's attics along with the microscopic glass particles. A lot of those attics have the loose blown in fiberglass that is more prone to becomeing airborne.

Sharon Maguire - Updated 10-17-2018

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