Blown-in Insulation Removal

Before and After

Fiberglass Awareness

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A view of an HVAC system taken apart with floor boards removed exposing the fiberglass under the wood floor with flex ducts laying on the floor

Before—The HVAC system used to pull air from between the floor boards in the attic. Under the wooden floor it was packed with blown in fiberglass. The contractor had simply pushed the blown in fiberglass to the sides and let the unit pull it's air from the same floor joist.

An HVAC system laying across wooden floor joists with a white air vent in the floor

After—We removed the blown in fiberglass from under the attic floor and made the return pull from a clean metal duct that goes to the second floor ceiling. The heater and central air now pulls its air from the ceiling in the second floor hallway.

A big white vent in a wooden ceiling with cobble stone colored walls and a white door inside of a home

After—The new system pulls directly from a vent in the second floor hallway ceiling. It is a common practice for contractors to pull the air the heater and AC units use from behind the walls or under the floors. These areas are places the home owner is not able to clean and are often full of fiberglass and dust. Pulling the heater and AC air directly from the ceiling is a much cleaner choice. Did you ever wonder where the dust in your home comes from?

A hole in a floor with gray cotton-like fiberglass in the floor with a black flex duct wrapped in pink fiberglass sticking out of the end

Before—This shows some floor boards removed from the attic floor exposing the gray blown in fiberglass with the flex ducts.

An attic floor with the top layer of wood removed showing the floor joists with clean foil ducts and wires running under the floor

After—The blown in fiberglass removed from the floors with clean ductwork replacing the fiberglass wrapped flex ducts. A new wooden floor will go back over the floor joists.

Black flex ducts coming out of a hole in the wall with brown-orange colored fiberglass hanging from it and a hole in the wooden floor showing gray blown in fiberglass and a black flex duct with pink fiberglass exposed at the end with white wires.

Before—Fiberglass flex ducts behind the walls and under the floor with the blown in fiberglass under the wooden floors. These flex ducts were installed in 2001.

Two metal ducts with shiny bubble wrap around it laying across wooden floor joists

After—Some of the new clean metal ducts wrapped in bubble wrap that replaced the old dirty ducts.

Floor boards removed in an attic floor showing gray blown in fiberglass and a black flex duct with pink fiberglass wrapped around it and wires

Before—This is the attic floor with the gray blown in loose fiberglass packed into the floor and a flex duct running under it.

A shiny foil duct inside the bay of a wooden floor

After—It was replaced with a clean foil duct. The loose blown in gray fiberglass was removed.

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